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About the Company

Our team of experts at KagaSystems offer innovative solutions to all our customer's computer needs. Our proven expertise and great track record in providing system and software solutions to our clients sets us apart from the competition. We have the expertise to meet the needs of startups, small businesses, and large businesses.

Our focus is to get your systems operating to their best potential freeing up your valuable time to focus on the core of your business.

With today's ever changing technology environments, we strive to keep up to date with new cutting edge technologies and best practices. This enables us to offer the best advice, usually for free, to most IT environments.

Whether you are looking for apps, build websites, security, virtualize your environment, manage your data, backup critical applications, provision cloud phone services, build environments in Amazon (AWS), host your servers and applications in a 24/7 datacenter and more, we are there for you.


Server systems are the backbone to any organization, usually hosting databases, websites, mail, file servers, and lots of other applications. Our engineers specialize in Dell, HP, Cisco UCS servers, and any other non-branded servers out there in the market. We can spec, build and architect server infrastructure environments.

Along with this, we also virtualize and consolidate server foot print, thus enabling you to add resources on the fly as needed.


KagaSystems Network engineers design and implement robust and secure wired and wireless networks. Our engineers also build secure VPN solutions to enable remote users perform as if they were just in the office. This is an added advantage to today’s mobile workforce. We also detect intrusions into your networks, and make recommendations as needed. We use brand name network appliances and devices like Cisco, F5, Juniper and most other reputable brands.


KagaSystems designs as well as provides detailed analysis of databases and implements comprehensive database optimization solutions. This includes database backups as well as disaster recovery solutions. We also specialize in always-on database redundancy and oter clustered DB scenarios. SQL, MySQL, and Oracle are some of the database implementations that we provide. We also specialize in Big Data analytics.


KagaSystems virtualization engineers are well versed on VMware and Xen virtualization technologies. With virtualization, you will save on energy, you will get faster server provisioning, and improved disaster recovery. Our engineers are also well versed in cloud architecture. We deploy AWS cloud systems as well. Migrating physical servers over to virtual machines and consolidating them onto fewer physical servers is something we specialize in. This means saving money on hardware purchases and maintenance and saving energy on power and cooling. Also, there’s less to maintain and manage. We also backup entire virtual machines for quick recovery.


The KagaSystems storage engineers have the knowledge of all major storage appliances like NetApps, Nimble and EMC. The engineers have the capability to completely configure and implement disaster recovery solutions. Our engineers are also well versed in other non-enterprise storage solutions. We build solutions based on both NAS and SAN technologies and tailor it to your business needs.


At Kagasystems, we ensure that your network infrastructure speed is optimized. At the very core of this is Network cabling using industry standard category of cable. Our engineers can wire an entire environment and put in place the basic equipment that makes this possible like the right switches, routers and other network equipment as needed.


Every organization needs a phone system that is reliable and works from anywhere. We offer robust cloud phone solutions from our partners, that is plug and play and highly reliable. Our engineers can spec out the phones that you need, install and activate within no time. This is so that you are not geographically bound to one place when travelling of doing business globally.


We have the capability to back up your data and applications to offsite locations and the cloud. This gives you piece of mind should the unfortunate happen such that you lose your data and applications on premise due to fire or theft. We use industry standard cutting edge technologies to this end.


At kagasystem, we will tie you domain name to your email and help architect and offer very unified collaboration and secure communications environment. To this end, we also offer free training on the e-mail best practices and security. We thus, give you control of your organization’s email portal so you have visibility regarding this environment.

CRM & ERP System Customization and Deployment

Automating worklfow and building unified customer exprerience. Kagasystems have the expertise to configure a CRM and ERP that best suits your needs and that is highly customizable.